Facebook Artist in Residence

Wall Mural for Facebook’s headquarter in Gurgaon, India, as part of the Facebook AIR Program.
“In my work I often explore the relationship of repeated patterns and line-work along with the balance of black and white. The mural I did for the FB AIR program has a similar intent in its approach. It is a combination of traditional pattern work juxtaposed with a bold, futuristic op-art aesthetic. The patterns are harmoniously bound together in a camouflage-like composition and the result is a seamless blend of traditional work that meets a new age digital art style.” 

“We chose to hand-paint the mural instead of vinyl-stickering so that from a close distance you can spot certain inconsistencies and human-errors which I think adds a nicer finish to the over-all piece. We were a team of 3 and It took us almost two weeks to complete the entire piece from stencilling to painting, but this tedious process was absolutely worth it once the mural was complete.“

Also featured on Architectural Digest India. Read here.