Facebook Open Arts

(Analog Research Lab)

Commissioned by Facebook Open Arts for #Voice2020 Campaign.

Project Description:

Create a piece of digital work that addresses the topic of “Voice,” specifically: the power of personal and collective voice, the importance of voice to a healthy society. Through this theme, we will explore a multiplicity of global perspectives and demonstrate the powerful impact of personal narratives harnessed for large scale change. Through art, design, and interactive workshops, we hope to model being better listeners and active agents of change.

Facebook Writes:

“This is the fourth design work in our investigation of ‘Voice’. It considers the idea that navigating a world overwhelmed by information can cause one to lose their individual voice. This motion graphic visualizes the importance of listening to one’s inner voice because intuition is a powerful tool that can be used for positive change.”

Artist’s Note:

With our large appetite for information and digesting it at a rapid pace - everything ranging from politics, relationships to belief-systems - we often find the need to express ourselves in a fleeting urgency. I've been learning to get comfortable with the idea of "respond; don't react" and how it’s important to take a moment to make sense, rationalise and empathise whilst being in tune with your intuition; and not having to put things out there in a rush. I think it's likely that who we truly are lies somewhere in between our digital and real selves. In this piece I explore the relationship between these versions of 'self'.

For me, a befitting starting point was to work with a 3D scan of my head which I would use as a base to render iterations of myself. I did this by tracing the contours of my head and using noise shaders to fill in the volume of that form along with an actual image map of my face. It exemplifies my analog self in contrast to my digital characterisation; visualising how I absorb information to shape my inner voice."

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