Goenchi Feni

Brand Identity and Packaging Design for Goa’s own ‘Goenchi Feni’.

Feni has been crafted for centuries through techniques passed down from father to son. This ancient wisdom has survived monarchies, colonialism, and even modernism. 'Goenchi' is the embodiment of this spirit of resilience.

The term "Goenchi" {go-ey-chi} is Konkani for "of/from Goa." The label design celebrates the individuals who make the production of this spirit possible, namely the Rendeirs and the Cazcars, as well as the iconic glass carboys called 'Garrafãos' that were introduced to Goa by the Portuguese. To this day, Garrafãos remain a part of most Goan households and are integral to both Goa's and Feni's identity. It is the vessel that carries history, perhaps time itself, and the eternal spirit of our Ancestors.

The design features meticulously hand-drawn illustrations with intricate embellishments and typographic details, creating a cohesive and engaging composition. The label is divided into three sections - the left side covers mandatory information and features three illustrations showcasing crucial stages of the production process relevant to each variant - Coconut and Cashew Feni. The middle section presents a theatrical piece where the Garrafao takes center stage, cracking open the skies while Rendiers and Cazcars look above with a delightful and elated demeanor, welcoming the Ancestral Spirit. Finally, the right side celebrates the people behind Feni with a beautiful portrait of proud Rendiers and Cazcars holding their tools. The design harmoniously blends these elements together, creating an honest representation of the brand's values and the people behind it.

With our ancestors watching over us,
Feni Konnank Bhienam (Feni Fears None).



Brand Conceptualisation: Yash Sawardekar, Tulika Sawardekar
Creative Direction, Graphic Design: Aniruddh Mehta
Illustrations: Shekar Menon
Portraits: Amey Shinde

© GoenchiFeni