Articles, Features & Press

1. Architectural Digest

“Artist Aniruddh Mehta and his team stencilled and hand-painted all five walls of the Facebook HQ“

2. Architectural Digest

“A graphic designer by profession, Aniruddh Mehta’s style of work is clean, geometrical and minimal, with great attention paid to form.“

3. Homegrown

“Aniruddh Mehta's Monochrome & Minimalist Make-over Of A Mumbai Rickshaw”

4. Republic

“There’s more to Sacred Games’ Logo Designs than meets the eye. The artist behind them reveals it all” 

5. Architectural Digest

“Graphic designer Aniruddh Mehta and Mumbai-based motion lab Plexus draw inspiration from the Mahabharata for the rad designs”

6. Scoop Whoop

“Each episode emblem - which makes part of the mandala that is the show's logo - was created by Plexus in collaboration with designer Aniruddh Mehta.”

7. Kyoorius

“Aniruddh Mehta is popularly known through his Instagram profile, thebigfatminimalist. The term describes neither his appearance nor his art, as he admits himself, but he enjoys an enviable following of over 33,700 people.“

8. Redbull

““The workshop was intense, and of course a lot of fun,” Aniruddha Mehta elaborates on the process.“

9. Redbull

“Strange Movements is a new live audio visual collaboration between music producer Spryk and visual artist thebigfatminimalist“


“Strange Movements brings New Media to Live Experiences:


11. Wild City

“Mumbai-based producer Spryk and, visual artist thebigfatminimalist have put out a brilliant 10 track LP surrendering to precise and hard-hitting electronica.”