Puma RS-X

A project in collaboration with Tejas Nair aka Spryk.

As part of the PUMA RS-X Launch campaign, the Puma India team commissioned Spryk and thebigfatminimalist to collaborate with them to create a unique body of work inspired by the theme of ‘extreme reinvention’. The campaign was spread out across two parts, digital as well as an on ground activation.

The duo created a short brand film inspired by 5 themes that helped define the era of the 80s and the term retro-future. The themes covered were, Hip Hop, Funk, 8-Bit Video Games, Lo-fi Retrowave and Science Fiction. This film was uploaded across the official Puma social media channels.

The content from the film was then adapted to an on ground experience for the Launch event that took place in Mumbai. The film was split into 8 segments both musically as well as visually. The film was accessible to the audience as an easily playable video game style experience. The audience could interact with a midi device to trigger and build their unique combination of audio and visual which would eventually result in their own version of the original film, thus completing the cycle of reinvention.

Scene 1: The Urban 

Scene 2: The Funk

Scene 3: The 8-Bit

Scene 4: The Retro

Scene 5: The Future

Final A/V Clip: