Qilla Records 

A record label based in New-Delhi, India


Qilla is an anomaly, towering hundreds of feet above the surrounding flat land that stretches as far as the eye can see. In each cardinal direction stand bastions, with a vantage point to observe unfamiliar and new movements from miles away. The massive stone walls possess intricate art work, painstakingly constructed by skilled craftsmen.

Inside the fort are chambers for every mood and every state of mind with sounds that are gentle and fierce, euphoric and dystopian. A single personality shaped at the hands of hundreds over time and space, resulting in an endless array of alternate realms.

This fort, built in 2012 is full of resonant sounds of times gone by and times to come, drumming a rhythm, a melody, a soundscape where you can lose or find yourself.

Additional Credits:

Madhav Shorey (Art Direction, Copy)
Prajval Mendon, Pritam Arts (Print)

Cover Art design for ‘Forte’
Compilation albums released under Qilla Records